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Defining what is a 'Foundation', 'Family Office' and other aspects relating to wealth and giving​.

​Why, when and how you should set up a 'Foundation', Family Office'.

We have the expertise to build it for you.​

Legal, taxation and other crucial aspects relating to formations.

We connect you with the best experts in this field.

What is a 'Charity' and what is the link between a 'Charity' and a 'Foundation'?

We advise on the 'Membership Bodies' associated to Foundations, Charities and Family Offices, which professions to include in the entity structure of a 'Foundation' or 'Family Office'

How and who do you recruit for your Foundation, Charity or Family Office? Our 'Partner Company'

We also advise on other aspects you should you be aware of when managing a Foundation, Charity or Family Office.

SPL International is also developing a confidential database of Foundations globally, together with their missions and good causes. Charities and good causes of any size or location can contact us at or call +44(0)203 372 000 for information on how to connect with the most appropriate Foundations.

SPL International with 'Acta Non Verba' also hosts exclusive 'invite only' dinner events on a regular basis for Philanthropists and those who are directly associated to Philanthropy and giving. For details of these events, please e-mail us at

(Please note that SPL International Ltd reserves the total right to refuse inclusion of any charity, good cause, Foundation or Family Office where the activity may cause concern. A full notice of disclaimer can be available on request)

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